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Oak Grove Primary School Newsletter

Lines from Landers

We are currently in the middle of our annual PTO fundraiser.  This is the first year we have participated in a Read-A-Thon.  The students are enjoying reading to prepare for this fundraiser. This year 100 percent of the profits will stay at our school. The funds will be used to improve academic instruction and add additional equipment to our playgrounds.

Our annual Arts Festival will be on March 29.  The students will experience all four areas of the arts on this day while learning more about the country of Japan.  A note will be sent home with the students about this exciting day.  Please join us if you can. 

100 Days of School

Oak Grove Primary School celebrated the 100th day of school on January 19, 2012. Students and teachers enjoyed interacting with the older generations!

Holiday in the Grove

Holiday in the Grove was a huge a success. The first grade students performed Elves’ and the Impersonators and the kindergarten students sang Christmas songs. The night gave families a great way to start the holidays.

Parent Nights:

Mid-year Parent Nights are currently taking place at our school for our families. Some of the topics explored are Common Core Standards, writing, reading, vocabulary development, and current educational research.

Box Tops:

Please continue to save Box Tops clipped from grocery store items for our school. Please ask your family and neighbors to help us save them.


The Read-a-thon is the only fundraiser our PTO is sponsoring this year. 100% of the profit will be used to improve the instructional resources for the students of OGPS. The goal of this project Is to promote reading. Thanks for supporting this project.

Upcoming Events:

PTO Meeting (Kindergarten Performing) - Feb. 21 6:00 or 7:00
Spring Break - March 12-16
Arts Festival - March 26-30
Easter - April 5
Cowboy Day (kindergarten) - April 13
Student Showcase - April 30 & May 1
Pow Wow Day - Mary 4




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