Current Events

Annual Events at Oak Grove Primary:

Fall Festival—A carnival type outdoor event usually held at the end of October which is a highlight of our community. Money raised will be used in classrooms for art supplies


Brown Bag Concert—A concert is held on our campus where children are exposed to a variety of musical entertainment. Families and community supporters are invited to come eat lunch and enjoy the performance with us.


Holiday in the Grove—This is a celebration to highlight student artistic talent and start our holiday season.  Students are pleased to bring their families back at night to see lighted trees, hand-made ornaments, Santa Claus, and hot chocolate! 


Annual Christmas Tree Ornament Project—Each student creates a one-of-kind ornament in our art studio which is fired in our kiln room.


Arts Festival (Arts in the Heart of the Grove) - This is a full day of learning that allows our students to experience four centers that focus on music, drama, visual arts, and movement. 2011's theme will be Germany!

 Student Showcase -  This  yearly performance will gives first grade children the opportunity to participate as actors, composers & instrument players, and dancers.  The 2009-2010 school year’s theme was Fairy Tales, the Oak Grove Primary Versions!    This may seem like a fun way to end first grade and move on to Oak Grove Lower Elementary, but much learning is taking place!!!  Our students compose original music with our music teacher, Ms. Narada Gaspard, write original scripts with in language arts class with their teachers, sing new and rewritten songs, learn to present themselves before an audience, focus with a group, make meaning from a script, follow directions and much more! 

Pow Wow Day - This is an annual event that is very similar to a Field Day. Students will participate in class events (ex. Tug of War, Dixie Cup Relay, etc)  and individual events ( Sack Races, 50 yd dash, etc).  Parents are invited to enjoy the day with us. Dress for this day is very casual. Students are encouraged to wear tennis shoes. Sunscreen is also a good idea!